Online Decorating Services

Cooperating with EasyWayDecor is a pleasant, easy and quick process. It is so simple, we proceed as follows:

Fill out the questionnaire and send us the required information and photos. Immediately the work of decorator begins, which has to do primarily with the structure and the functionality of the space.

Within five working days you will receive three different decorative proposals. Two on the your desires and information, and a completely different proposal, based on the experience of the decorator.

Select either one of the three drafts or elements from all of them. Take your time! Then write down your observations and confirm us the direction for the final project, so we can go to the next phase.

The selected design is enriched with details, eg materials, colors, etc.

After you have written and confirmed the last comments, the project will be completed.

You will also receive a list/catalog with advices for your purchases, from your chosen electronic shops, within the budget you have specified.

This is an example of a finished project by the owner.