Based a Ulm in Germany, EasyWayDecor is the result of a co-operation among professional designers specialized in various areas who can offer their services from their working area with low cost but always keeping a high level of services.

We do decoration! Decoration is complicated as a concept and as a profession as much as the identity and the human needs are.

Someone could describe decoration as an alive organism. It is rejuvenating and it is advancing like we are. It influences and it is influenced by the time and the human needs from the beginning until now. Decorating (interior architecture) as we know it nowadays, it is the “soul” or the inside of the inside architecture (interior design) and we classify it in Applied art. It has its own principles and rules and special knowledge is needed upon many technical issues apart from the artistic quality which is essential.

When we give a small taste of an old cottage or a rustic house to our place, we could invest in decoration and we can form a special modern and at the same time simple style which matches and brings out our personality. Delicate touch flower patterns ad chic white furniture are a few samples of our countless vintage options for a house inspired from the past which combines the grace of nature and of the countryside in harmony with the modern way of life.

The decorative parts of a place are those which emphasize your place and predetermine your requirements.

During the past few years, decoration has become one of our favourite pastime. The monthly magazines, which have to do with decoration, have been increased dramatically, the shows on TV, the sections in the newspapers, as well as the visits in sites and blogs about decoration are remarkably great.

The inherent human need to organize his place to make it more practical and more beautiful is something which “moves” and this is what exactly the means of communication take advantage of to survive when the consumer is overwhelmed with advertisements, products and solutions that do not respond to his actual needs but to the needs of the “Lifestyle” which is always shown through the media.

Decoration is not about fashion! It is definitely influenced by fashion but it is not about that!

Decoration is the technique which improves the environment of the house or the workplace and by serving our needs, it gives us a better quality of life and this quality may signify the fashion or the decoration because as it was mentioned before it influences and it is influenced by the time and the human needs. Decoration is the observation and the understanding of our needs and through their record a research and a suitable drawing starts so that we can find the specialized solution which matches the artistic quality with the practical parts.

Work with experienced specialized professional designers who will help you with new ideas to have the desirable results!