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Interior design experts create individual projects for you.

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EasyWayDecor is a global collective of architects, interior design and decoration professionals, specializing in all aspects of creating and renovating any interior or exterior space you wish to transform.

Experience and expertise is our signature to your project.

We consider a custom designed space a great investment to your quality of life. Maximizing your house or office’s potential, mirror your personality and upgrade the way you live. You direst us, while we guide you to shape your ideal interior or exterior space.

Your project is individually assessed and assigned to a team, specifically selected for a superior result according to your distinctive requirements and style.

Experienced specialized professional designers undertake the planning of your professional or personal space.

Our platform gives you the tools to submit your project and our experts work out all the details to bring it to life, offering you our high quality services and professional excellence at a budget that suits you.

Functionality and Aesthetics

Our professional expertise extends to all aspects of customizing your space.

You can consider either architectural changes or decoration and styling, or ideally take advantage of our services for both!

We provide you with detailed plans and designs for the structural changes and special planning required for a seamless integration to the rest of your property, along with a full study of decoration elements.

From colours and fabrics to furniture pieces, aiming to achieve the result you envisioned.

It’s easy to get it your way

Follow our fast and easy submission form and you can get things started right away. Just give us some details about the project you have in mind, show us a sample of your personal style and submit some references for your space.

Simple right?

We guide you through every step of the way so you essentially just present us your idea and we figure out the easiest way to make it a reality.

Each project is unique and we do a detailed study to meet your individual needs and requirements every time.

Our ultimate goal is to realise your idea in the best way possible and make you happy with the end result.

We can undertake projects for a partial or full renovation of your home or professional space.

Complete Design Solution

Architects and professionals with 10+ years of experience undertake the planning and decoration of your desired space.

Proposals entirely suggested by our experts in addition to ones based solely on your guidelines

  • Architectural space planning
  • 3D photorealistic designs
  • Final floorplan & set-up instructions
  • Final style board
  • Project construction plans
  • Curated shopping list according to your specified budget
  • Priority to space usage and functionality
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Expert Decoration Consulting

We provide professional advice and specialised guidance in order to complete your project effectively and considering the proposed budget.

Our Online Interior Design Consultation service offers an hourly consultation session via video conference where we discuss your project, present you with a plan and offer you structural guidelines and advice.

Ideal for a project you have already underway and seek some professional guidance to iron out the technical kinks.

We are certain that even this small taste will get you all excited and inspire you to get started on a bigger project. So, if you would like a complete design solution, we offer you a 20% discount on it.





  • I appreciate all the help I received as a professional! It was fantastic! Words can’t express! Thank you so much!
    Mary K., U.K
  • Great service! Very helpful and attentive. I was surprised how easy they made each step.
    Cathy M., Austria
  • I'm so crazy about this incredibly helpful and ingenious service.
    Nina M., Holland
  • Es freut mich, dass ich diesen erstaunlichen Service benutzt habe, ich werde niemals ein Zimmer ohne Easywaydecor machen
    Birgit B., Deutschland
  • It’s the easiest process! It’s done on a very personal level, even though you don’t actually meet your designer face-to-face
    Andreas S., Germany

Online Interior Design Services for All

Interior design experts create individual projects for you.